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10 Things Confident People Don’t Do

Today’s material comes courtesy of Travis Bradberry who is the author of “Emotional Intelligence.”  I hope you enjoy the read and can utilize some of these tips as we head into 2017 to become a more confident person in every aspect of your life.

In The Empire Strikes Back, when Yoda is training Luke to be a Jedi, he demonstrates the power of the Force by raising an X-wing fighter from a swamp. Luke mutters, “I don’t believe it.” Yoda replies, “That is why you fail.”

As usual, Yoda was right—and science backs him up. Numerous studies have proved that confidence is the real key to success.

Studies exploring the performance gap between men and women in math and spatial skills have found that confidence plays a huge role. Women who were asked to identify their gender before taking a spatial skills test performed more poorly than those who weren’t. Women also performed better when they were told to envision themselves as men, and both genders performed better when they were told that their gender is better at the task.

What’s even more interesting is that the gender gap practically disappeared when participants were required to answer every question. Apparently, when the women were allowed to skip questions, they did so not because of a lack of knowledge, but because of a lack of confidence.

“If you hear a voice within you say ‘you cannot paint,’ then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.” — Vincent Van Gogh

True confidence is very different from egotistical swagger. When people believe in themselves and their abilities without bravado, there are certain things they simply don’t do.

They don’t make excuses. If there’s one trait confident people have in spades, it’s self-efficacy—the belief that they can make things Image result for making excuseshappen. It’s about having an internal locus of control rather than an external one. That’s why you won’t hear confident people blaming traffic for making them late or an unf
air boss for their failure to get a promotion. Confident people don’t make excuses, because they believe they’re in control of their own lives.

They don’t quit. Confident people don’t give up the first time something Image result for Don't quitgoes wrong. They see both problems and failures as obstacles to overcome rather than impenetrable barriers to success. That doesn’t mean, however, that they keep trying the s
ame thing over and over. One of the first things confident people do when something goes wrong is to figure out why it went wrong and how they can prevent it the next time.

They don’t wait for permission to act. Confident people don’t need somebody to tell them what to do or when to do it. They don’t waste time asking themselves questions like “Can I?” or “Should I?” If they ask themselves anything, it’s “Why wouldn’tI?” Whether it’s running a meeting when the chairperson doesn’t show up or going the extra mile to solve a customer’s problem, it doesn’t even occur to them to wait for somebody else to take care of it. They see what needs to be done, and they do it.

They don’t seek attention. People are turned off by those who are desperate for attention. Confident people know that being yourself is much more effective than trying to prove that you’re important. People catch on to your attitude quickly and are more attracted to the right attitude than what, or how many, people you know. Image result for Seek attentionConfident people always seem to bring the right attitude. Confident people are masters of attention diffusion. When they’re receiving attention for an accomplishment, they quickly shift the focus to all the people who worked hard to help get them there. They don’t crave approval or praise because they draw their self-worth from within.

They don’t need constant praise. Have you ever been around somebody who constantly needs to hear how great he or she is? Confident people don’t do that. It goes back to that internal locus of control. They don’t think that their success is dependent on other people’s approval, and they understand that no matter how well they perform, there’s always going to be somebody out there offering nothing but criticism. Confident people also know that the kind of confidence that’s dependent on praise from other people isn’t really confidence at all; it’s narcissism.

They don’t put things off. Why do people procrastinate? Sometimes it’s simply because they’re lazy. A lot of times, though, it’s because they’re afraid—that is, afraid of change, failure, or maybe even success. Confident people don’t put things off. Because they believe in themselves and expect that their actions will lead them closer to their goals, they don’t sit around waiting for the right time or the perfect circumstances. They know that today is the only time that matters. If they think it’s not the right time, they make it the right time.

They don’t pass judgment. Confident people don’t pass judgment on others because they know that everyone has something to offer, and they don’t need to take other Image result for Passing judgmentpeople down a notch in order to feel good about themselves. Comparing yourself to other people is limiting. Confident people don’t waste time sizing people up and worrying about whether or not they measure up to everyone they meet.

They don’t avoid conflict. Confident people don’t see conflict as something to be avoided at all costs; they see it as something to manage effectively. They don’t go along to get along, even when that means having uncomfortable conversations or making unpleasant decisions. They know that conflict is part of life and that they can’t avoid it without cheating themselves out of the good stuff, too.

They don’t let a lack of resources get in their way. Confident people don’t get thrown off course just because they don’t have the right title, the right staff, or the money to make things happen. Either they find a way to get what they need, or they figure out how to get by without it.

They don’t get too comfortable. Confident people understand that getting too comfortable is the mortal enemy of achieving their goals. That’s because they know that comfort leads to complacency, and complacency leads to stagnation. When they start feeling comfortable, they take that as a big red flag and start pushing their boundaries again so that they can continue to grow as both a person and a professional. They understand that a little discomfort is a good thing.

Bringing It All Together

Embracing the behaviors of confident people is a great way to increase your odds for success, which, in turn, will lead to more confidence. The science is clear; now you just have to decide to act on it.

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Balls. Of. Steel.

Notice there are no chords attached to this insane man's ankles.
Notice there are no chords attached to this insane man’s ankles.

Facebook and many other social media platforms get a well deserved bad rap for all the non-sense that goes on via said sites and apps.  However, there are times when I appreciate them because it gives me a chance to see videos, read articles and hear news I might normally miss.  The picture above is just one of those examples.

It turns out they have mastered the art of wireless bungee jumping. This is done through electromagnetic fields.  In other words, the dude above is basically jumping off the bridge like a lunatic, hoping this thing actually works.

Check out the video here.  Being the first to attempt this kind of thing takes a serious set of steel balls.  I mean either it works or your dead.  There are only two options.  He isn’t doing this over water (although he would likely die doing that too) but rather over land.

I was blown away by his effort and facing down fear of certain death in order to push the limits of what we can do as humans.  It made me wish for the same kind of boldness in my own life when it comes to things that fall far short of life and death decisions.

I hope you enjoy the video.

Until tomorrow, make it a better day.


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Devotional Tuesday – I Am Second – R.A. Dickey


Hey everyone!

It is a new week and I hope you are making it through the early part of your week with no problems.  For the rest of us I pray for strength, self-control and peace.

Instead of doing the usual devotional I wanted to share a video that features Cy Young award winner R.A. Dickey.  For those of you who don’t know his story, it is very moving.

R.A. Dickey is a Christian and his story is in large part about his relationship with God.  Yet there is so much more in his story than just that.  It is a story of perseverance, relationships, death, abuse, mental health issues and success.

I really hope you will find time to watch it today.  It is 15 minutes long but really good.  I promise it is worth your time.

Click here to watch the short film.

A Man’s Best Weapon


I am sharing a post from one of my favorite Dad blogs: All-Pro Dad. I take my faith very seriously but one area I have always struggled with is having a consistent prayer life.  It is a frustrating area to struggle with especially when I know how effective prayer can be in a man’s life.  What you will read below is a recent submission from Benjamin Watson who is currently the starting Tight End for the New Orleans Saints.  He and his wife recently welcomed their fifth (I think) child into the world so he knows a thing or two about marriage, family and the importance of keeping all of that together. Given the temptations NFL players face day in and day out I have great deal of respect and admiration for Mr. Watson.  What he wrote challenged me a great deal this morning so I thought I would share it.

He has a new book coming out in November, “Under Our Skin” and I recommend you purchase or download it when it becomes available.

With no further ado I will turn it over to Benjamin.

I once heard a story about a prominent and important clock in the middle of a town. One day, it broke down and the town officials brought in experts to fix the clock. For weeks, they labored but were unable to solve the problem. Meanwhile, every day there stood an old man on the street who kept asking if he could help, and every day he was turned away. Finally, when the town officials had exhausted all of their options, they reluctantly let the old man try. The man entered the building and, within thirty minutes, the clock was working perfectly again. When they asked him how he fixed it, he simply said, “I designed and built that clock.” He knew how every piece functioned and fit together. He was the true expert on how the clock worked because he was the designer. Similarly, God, the Creator of life, knows best how it should be lived. If I really want to live life to its fullest then I need to get to know the Creator and make my life about what He thinks is important. One of the best ways is through prayer.

Recently, I was able to preview a new movie called War Room. One of the main characters is an old and wise woman named Miss Clara. When she is introduced in the movie you can tell she has an inner strength. Eventually, you find out where it comes from. She faithfully prays in a closet in her house that she calls her “War Room”. When she steps into that room, she is strategic and goes to battle for her life and her loved ones. Prayer is such an underutilized tool in my life. War Room challenged me in that area. [Tweet This] It is my best weapon and it is time for me to use it more. Here’s how I pray and why I think it is so important.


God speaks to us through His Word and through prayer. A relationship with a friend, child, or spouse grows with communication. Our relationship with God is no different. How can we expect to know and experience a God we never take the time to commune with? Many times we think that prayer is one-way communication. While that’s a large part of it, the powerful thing about prayer is that God communicates to us during this time. His Spirit helps us in our weakness when we don’t know what or how to pray (Romans 8:26).


There are many dangerous things that my wife and kids can encounter and I can’t always be there to protect them. So I pray for protection over my family. However, this is not only physical safety but also emotional and spiritual. The world will try to tell them to be a certain way rather than who God made them. I pray for their strong identity in Him first and foremost.

Integrity and Character

Temptation is around every corner, particularly in the NFL and I am certainly not immune to it. I’ll never forget my father saying, “Sin takes you further than you want to go, keeps you longer than you want stay, and costs you more than you want to pay.” I pray for my thoughts, feelings, and decisions, that they would maintain the highest level of morality, integrity, and character.

Over my career, certain teammates have challenged me in this area. In Cleveland, it was a couple of guys who got up early before work to pray together in our homes. In New Orleans, it’s a couple of teammates who pray on Saturday nights in the hotels before games. For me, setting a time and having a few men hold me accountable has helped me grow. As iron sharpens iron, one man sharpens another.

Thriving Relationships

There are things that work to isolate us from one another. It could be ambition, jealousy, racism, unfaithfulness, a lack of forgiveness, prejudice, etc. My most important relationship is my marriage. I pray for my wife and that nothing would separate us. Then I pray for my kids and our family connection as a whole. Finally, I pray for all other relationships in my life, from friends to teammates, even enemies. I pray that those things that divide us would be removed.

Humility and Service

There are people in pain and in need all around us. The more connected I am with God the more I look to the interests of others. In other words, I love and care for people better. I pray for the needs of those around me. I pray that I will have alert senses to see those needs and the empathy and resources to meet them. You may be the only person praying for the ones you love or even the stranger you pass on the street who is clearly hurting.

Knowing God

I’m a doer. I’ll read my bible, go to church, share my faith with others, and write about the issues we all face. But taking time to, individually and collectively, pray is challenging for some reason. We must never let busyness, even for the Lord, become an excuse. Besides, being obedient to the command to do so, prayer is putting priority on the power of God over the power of self to accomplish God’s purposes in my life. Sometimes my good works can become all about ME and what I can do while prayer is about God and what HE can do. We must be reminded that service to others is good, but knowing God is better.

We look upon prayer simply as a means of getting things for ourselves, but the biblical purpose of prayer is that we may get to know God himself. -Oswald chambers

Husbands, the home is the primary place where prayer must happen; We must lead our wives and our children into God’s presence regularly.

Until tomorrow, be a better man!


Fashion Friday – Proper Duds for the Links!


Golf clothes run the gamut from conservative, nondescript garments that are engineered strictly for performance, to ostentatious prints and flashy colors that would get you savagely ridiculed off the course. There’s really no right or wrong between the two, it’s just a matter of how much you want to stand out on the green. Just remember, golf clothes are made with technical fabric that performs well on the course, but looks out of place anywhere else.

In other words we don’t recommend you wear this, this or any of these.

Golf Attire - Pants

Pants and Shorts

Golf pants are made to accommodate your activity on the course. They’re moisture wicking, stretchable and usually have a performance waistband that keeps your shirt tucked. Golf shorts have the same features, but make sure your country club allows them (not all do).

Golf Attire - Polo


The difference between a golf polo, and every other polo is the fabric and the cut. They’re made from technical fabric that keeps you cool on the course, the sleeves are roomier to accommodate your swing, and the body is longer to help stay it tucked in.

I hope you are all able to get at least one round in this weekend.  I need to live vicariously through you all!

Until Monday be a better man!