Man Up & Get a Vision for 2014


Today is the last day of 2013 and I hope as you leave this year behind you are fully prepared to head into 2014.  I sincerely hope that all the men who are reading this entry will head into 2014 with greater confidence, purpose and vision than they did in 2013.

As men one of our main purposes is to be visionaries and leaders.  It doesn’t matter if you are married, single or divorced.  Your biggest and most important job as a man is to have a vision for you, your family or both.  Being a true visionary is a lost art these days which is sad.  Even in church, there are very few places where men can learn how to develop a vision and to help it come to pass.  Sadly the average man can’t say who he is because he has no real vision for his life.  One of two things in generally happening.  First, he is either running around chasing after nothing (i.e. lacking purpose) or second, he is diligently chasing down a false vision based on what society tells us is important.  As we head into 2014 I will be writing more about this topic as it is too involved to cover in one blog today.

As men we shouldn’t be heading into a new year without seeking the direction our lives should be going between now and 2015.  Working on a long-term vision is also important but for today I want to focus on the next twelve months.  Proverbs tells us that “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”  I see this happening every day when I speak to men about their life and what they are hoping to accomplish.  The two most common responses I get are “make money” and “get laid.”  In case you didn’t know it that is just boyish ramblings, not a vision.  This speaks more to the sad state of many of the men in this world as to their shortsightedness in life.  This is especially true when the desire to have sex can derail just about every other aspect of our lives if we aren’t careful.

The most important part of having a vision or having goals in 2014 is to spend time writing them down.  Everyone thinks they will remember all their goals but the truth is we rarely do.  We might remember the bigger goals but rarely the “bridge” goals that help us go from Point A to Point B.  Writing them down is key so you can track your progress over the course of the year.  It will also help solidify your goals and believe it or not make them easier to accomplish.  It doesn’t mean you will carry out all of them but on the other hand that doesn’t make you a failure.  You should dream big and have both large, moderate and small goals as part of this process.

Famous-Quotes-On-Life-GoalsIn a few hours Sharlay (my wife) and I will start working on our vision board for 2014.  Many men might dismiss this idea as stupid, feminine, sissy or some other creative adjective.  That is fine.  You don’t need a vision board but this is my preferred method of casting my vision for the upcoming year.  I am hoping that by the end of January her and I will also create a 5 year vision board.

This is a short version of our own process.  Sharlay and I will spend some time together praying (because we believe 100% in getting God’s input in our life) about what we desire to see come to pass in 2014.  We will then look through old magazines, newspapers etc we have around our apartment and cut out images, words, etc that represent those things.  We then take those images and words and clue them to our poster board or display board.  That is basically it.  We will usually leave it up around the apartment at least for a month if there are things we decide to add to it.  Over the course of the year we will pull it out from time to time and look at it.  It is surprising because we often forget some of the things we placed on the board.

Again you don’t need a vision board but you should write these things down somewhere you won’t lose or misplace them.  I like doing the vision board because it is a challenge for me to be creative and this forces me to be creative at least a little bit.  We also hang on to our vision board (and I still have copies of the goals I used to write down from year to year) so we can go back and see how much we have accomplished in the past.  It helps to keep the momentum going in future years when things sometimes can be rough.

Last year our vision board included the following items (which came to pass): eating healthier (we started eating Paleo diet in May), my promotion to Senior Manager, Sharlay got a dream job working for Fresh, dedicating myself to writing more (blog started in July!), vacations we wanted to take, Sharlay getting her driver’s permit and developing a strong marriage.

The following items were on our list that we did not accomplish: I wanted to lose 15 pounds (only lost 5), new apartment (for $$ sake we decided it would be better to wait a year), spend more time with God (not as successful as I would have liked) and start a family (also decided it would be better to wait until 2014).

I am asking you men to do three things this week.  First, set aside some quiet time (no phones, tablets, TV’s etc) and seek out what you want to accomplish in 2014.  Don’t just pick things society tells you are needed to be successful.  Think about the things that mean the most to you both personally and professionally.  Not all of these items will be “big” goals.  Sharlay getting her permit was relatively small in the scheme of things but also very important to her to accomplish in 2013.  Going on a vacation might not seem like a big goal but it is an important one.  Having more time for family and friends also important but often overlooked as a “goal.” If you want to take a really big risk, PRAY about your 2014 vision and ask God to give you ideas and goals.  Even if you never have prayed a day in your life or consider yourself religious.  Give it a try.  What is the worst that can happen?  You might be surprised at the results.

Second, write these goals, visions and plans down in a journal, notebook or on your computer.  If you want to create a vision board go ahead and do so.  If you want to know what a vision board looks like do a google image search for “vision board.”  Regardless of how you do it, you HAVE to write these things down.  It will make your vision for 2014 more concrete in your mind and provide it with some substance.

youarenevertoooldtosetanothergoalortodreamanewdream_zps304210e5Third, I want you to commit to pursuing a dream you have let die in the past.  We all have goals, dreams or accomplishments that have gone unfulfilled in our lives.  Things we have given up on ever coming to pass.  Some of these dreams may have been “dead” to you for 15 or more years.  I am challenging you to take at least one of those “dead dreams” and begin chasing it again.  Be bold.  Start your year with confidence.  Don’t let what your past failures or challenges hold you back in 2014.  You might not be able to accomplish it within one year (i.e. getting a degree) but you can at least start the process.  Don’t let excuses and other people’s opinion’s hold you back.  It is never, EVER, too late to pick up those dreams again and pursue them with vigor.  Commit to slaying your giants in 2014.  Seek adventure and you will find it.

Please let us know what your dreams are!  I would love to hear from you and to see what kind of dreams and goals you are looking to pick back up.  Run with them.  Do not grow weary for in due time you will renew your strength.  2013 was a good year for me and my family but I am trusting that 2014 will be even better!

Until tomorrow, make it a better day!

Andrew Sloss



Appreciating Women


Happy Monday Fellas!

These are the last few days of 2013 and I hope you have been able to spend some time reflecting on all that you have accomplished this past year.  Regardless of how successful you feel 2013 was or was not I hope you will take many lessons from your travels and be able to apply them in 2014.  I want to encourage you to spend time thinking about your goals and vision for 2014 as we head into the last two days of 2013.  I will write more about that tomorrow.

Over the last week I have been thinking quite a bit about how under appreciated women are in the lives of men.  I am as guilty as the next guy of discounting the value of women.  A large part of that is because of how men are socialized as we grow up.  We are taught either directly or indirectly that women have less value, are sexual objects only and exist to be controlled and dominated by men.  Even though I know it is not true it is hard not to automatically fall into those kinds of thought patterns despite my knowledge to the contrary.

I don’t want to launch into some kind of anti-man rant because that is overdone and usually not done properly.  However, if men would learn to truly value women and see the incredible purpose and power they have our society would be much better off.  Of course it would also be helpful if women would stop writing on Facebook and other social media outlets how terrible men are and how women don’t need men.  Both of these situations are not acceptable but I will reserve the latter discussion for another day.

The next time you are with your wife, girlfriend or find yourself around several women I really want to encourage you to try to observe and learn to appreciate the opposite sex.  Here are three areas that men can improve upon simply by learning to appreciate women.

1. New Perspectives

Every person, whether you are a man or a woman will have a different perspective on any given situation.  However, as men we are reluctant to ask a woman’s opinion on a particular situation we are dealing with.  Nowhere does this happen more than with our careers.  I am not sure why we tend to not ask women how they would handle a particular situation at work but we rarely do.  I know I have a hard time asking my wife about her thoughts on things I deal with at work.  Often times I excuse the behavior simply because we work in two totally different (in my mind at least) environments.  I easily dismiss her opinion simply by saying to myself “Well she doesn’t work in corporate America so she has no idea what it is like.” But maybe that IS the problem.  Maybe I am spending too much time thinking inside the box when I need to try to step back and see things from a totally unique vantage point.  Which is why I am starting to truly understand and appreciate her opinion on these kinds of things.

I realize I am giving a very specific example but my point is that your wife, girlfriend or “friend who is a woman” will have a different perspective on what you are dealing with.  Why do we find it acceptable to ask several guys friends how to handle a situation but rarely will we ask a woman?  You might actually be surprised to find out that what she has to say might give you a great idea or provide the necessary inspiration to sign that next big sales contract etc.

I am still a work in progress but more and more often I have been asking Sharlay and talking to her about my career and work stuff just to hear how she thinks about the situation.  Sometimes she says some really brilliant things that make me have to reconsider my approach to a given situation.  I have gained a new appreciation for her perspective and especially the wisdom she has shared with me that I would have never thought of myself.

She won’t always have the answers but then again most of your buddies won’t either.  However, the women in your life can give you another voice, one that is very different than your own to consider when dealing with life and the daily grind.  Don’t dismiss their opinion simply because they are a woman.  You aren’t a Neanderthal, so don’t act like one.

2. Emotions

Look, I know.  I know, I know, I know.  Just hear me out.  Even to me, the thought about writing this makes me want to vomit.  However, try as I might, I can’t ignore the importance of being able to take the emotional temperature of a room.  Let’s be honest guys we are not very good at it, but I find that my wife is amazing (as have been other women I have know.) at it.

Like many men I am not adept at displaying emotions or reading the same of others.  Men are generally taught to display only one emotion when in mixed company, anger.  All other emotions, especially sadness should be kept bottled up inside until you are alone and under no circumstance should people see you cry.  While I know that is mostly bullshit, it is still a trap I fall into often.  However, I am not trying to make a point that you should ask your wife (or female companion) to help you get in touch with your emotional side.

My observation is simply this: women (in my opinion) are better at reading other people’s true emotions (men and women), and it is a very impressive skill.  It is so impressive I am surprised there are not more seminars being taught or books being written on how to learn this skill.  My boss is one of the most gifted in this area and it just so happens that she is a woman.  I have seen her have great success at closing deals and getting business from clients where others (mostly men) have failed.  One of the secrets to her success is her ability to bring a high degree of “humanness” to her business dealings.interview23

When she talks with clients she always makes them feel important but not because they have the money we want, but because she takes a genuine interest in their personal and professional lives.  More than that, she is able to see not just the political landscape within an organization but also the emotional one between people.  When presenting to clients she is able to make the entire client team feel at ease and when she notices that one of the client contacts is clearly intimidated by another employee, she makes it a point to address the intimidated employee and give them a voice at the meeting.  Suddenly, this once timid person now has confidence that their voice is being heard and becomes a valuable contributor to the meeting.  I have seen many male partners totally ignore this kind of emotional and/or human issue and lose the opportunity and yet have no idea how it happened.

Women have this advantage, not because they are “too emotional” but rather because they are simply better connected to their own emotions and thus to the emotions of others.  It is really a short coming of men in general.  We have a hard time connecting to our own emotions so it shouldn’t be a surprise that we can’t read the same in others.  As men we can always be learning new skills and this is simply one of those we can probably all use a tune-up on.

3. Strength

I find that both men and woman are strong and each has a particular inner strength that cannot (generally) be matched by the other.  Yet as men we often dismiss a woman’s ability to be strong and to discredit those life experiences that have generated the strength that women have.  Men say things like “well you should have just gotten over it” or “I wouldn’t have even let that affect me” or some other inane bullshit like that.  Yet a woman’s decision to actually address a problem or deal with an emotion rather than “just get over it” gives a woman an inner strength that most men will never come close to having.

My wife is an incredibly strong woman and I don’t give her enough credit for the things in life she has had to endure.  She lost her father when she was very young and even up to the point of his passing he was only half the man he was due to a serious illness.  So for all intents and purposes she really didn’t have a father for the majority of her life.  The loss of a man she loved so much at such a young age, made her life much more difficult than I can even appreciate.  My wife has had to endure some incredible hardships and often she did it alone without the help of family or friends.

tumblr_ltzxlq3Rk91qkq3ogo1_500For her to have the carefree, happy-go-lucky and joyful personality that she does is a testament to her strength and of God’s grace and mercy in her life.  My name, Andrew, means “strength” and over the course of my life many people (including those who don’t know me) have commented about this inner strength that I possess.  Yet, there is a certain amount of strength I do not have but that I see every day in my wife.  The love she has for people, even people who have let her down over and over again and violated her trust and confidence, is a strength I will never have.  For me, even with my family, you only get two chances to screw up and then you are kicked to the curb.  Certainly there is forgiveness (don’t get me wrong) but that pretty much seals your fate from ever being involved in my life in a meaningful way.  Yet her strength allows her to continue to love and be generous to people who honestly don’t deserve it and take advantage of it.

God designed my wife very differently from me, just like he did your wife (or future wife, if you are single) which is why we make such a great married couple.  She balances me out very well.

We can all learn a lot from each other and it is important we don’t dismiss the things women can teach men simply because they are “women.”  We ALL fall short from time to time and that has nothing to do with our gender.  Don’t allow those shortcomings of others to box you out from learning from the opposite sex (and yes I am speaking to you woman as well.)

That is all for now!  Until tomorrow, make it a better day!






Power You Have



I am back!!

I hope you all had a great Christmas and enjoyed (or at least tolerated) time with your family.  Sharlay and I enjoyed our short time in Minnesota, although it would have been nicer to stay a few extra days.  We had a lot of fun on our trip and one thing is for sure, a trip to Minnesota in December is a good reminder of how easy winters are in New York City.  I am afraid NYC is making me soft when it comes to my ability to withstand truly cold temperatures.  In case you are wondering 30 degrees is NOT cold.

Our poor little studio apartment is without food and without any kind of organization as we arrived last night later than we were supposed to.  Sharlay is working today and I am not so it is up to me to get the house back into some kind of working condition before she gets home.  Thus I have to keep today’s post rather short.

Before I get to the post for today I really hope you are taking some of the downtime the holidays normally afford to re-evaluate how 2013 has turned out for you.  What areas could you have done better in?  What areas did you excel in?  Were you surprised by anything?  If so, did you handle the surprise well?  What are you hoping to accomplish in 2014?  I will be writing more about these things are we head closer to 2014.

For now, I am going to let Coach Dungy lead the rest of the way.  I appreciate everyone who has been following the blog and am happy to hear so many of you have positive things to say about the material.

“Be not afraid of life.  Believe that life is worth living, and your belief will help create the fact.” – William James

William James could have been a football coach because coaches always talk about visualizing success.  For those of you who don’t know who he was, William James was a great American novelist.  He understood that human beings can accomplish almost anything if their minds tell them it can be done.

That truth certainly applies to sports teams – the difference between losers and winners is often determined between the ears – but it also applies to any human endeavor.  I’ve even heard of prisoners of war who were able to play golf or invent something new, skills they didn’t have before their imprisonment.  Isolated in captivity, their minds visualized everything it would take to accomplish new things, and then they were able to do them.  Clearly, our minds are powerful parts of us.  It was the same with our team.  Players who weren’t able to practice all week but could watch and visualize themselves doing it, often went out and had a great game on Sunday.

“For to me, living means living for Christ, and dying is even better. But if I live, I can do more fruitful work for Christ. So I really don’t know which is better.  I’m torn between two desires: I long to go and be with Christ, which would be far better for me.  But for your sakes, it is better that I continue to live.” Phil 1:21-24 (NLT)

The apostle Paul had two visions of his future.  In one, he would live in his painful body, probably in prison, and teach more people about the Kingdom of God.  In the other, he would die and be with Christ.  Spiritually, Paul was in a good place: he was able to accept either vision for his life and be content with it.  Because God was in charge of his circumstances, Paul could focus his mind on the task at hand-helping people know Christ.  And because he knew he would be with Christ for eternity, he could endure his present trials.

What circumstances do you need to endure?  What visions has God put in your heart?  What’s going on in your life that causes you to think, “I just don’t know if I can do it?”  Whatever it is – whether it’s a mission to accomplish, a goal to achieve, or a problem to overcome-if God has called you to do it, you can have complete confidence that it can be done.  Let that sink in.  Picture how it will work out.  Focus your mind on the truth of the vision.  Your mind is a powerful part of you – especially when it is filled with faith.

Uncommon Key – Your mind is an instrument of vision.  You can endure and accomplish anything if you envision God’s purposes for you and your ultimate destiny with Him in eternity.

5 Tips for Surviving the Holidays – Ron Burgundy Style


Hello Everyone!

In honor of the new Ron Burgundy movie coming out this week (don’t worry I haven’t seen it so there are no spoilers here) I thought I would use images and humor from the original movie to discuss surviving your Christmas/New Years/Holiday weeks!  Even Brick knows you can’t go into the holidays without a solid plan for making it out alive.  If you have to kill someone with a trident or set a man on fire to survive, it is all fair game during the holiday season.

Stay with me and I will help guide you to safety my friends and hopefully offer a little humor along the way!

1. Don’t Eat an Entire Wheel of Cheese

Okay so I am going to be a major buzz kill right off the bat.  The temptation around Christmas is to just stuff our pie holes until we 091307_anchormancan’t move, always with the promise of a new year and a “new you” starting in January.  I get it.  It is very tempting to do so.  However, many of us who engage in such a strategy will find ourselves feeling lazy, lethargic, possibly ill and of course always on the edge between a sugar rush and the inevitable crash that follows.

I know suggesting you eat healthy over the holidays is likely going to cost me in the popularity column but I can tell you from experience, when I have made an effort to eat better over Christmas (and other holidays like Thanksgiving) it has made it easier to deal with my family. (Note: I didn’t say easy, I said easier.)  Perhaps you are one of those rare people who can eat like it is the end of days and not feel bad afterwards.  Congratulations, we all hate you.  However, if you are like most men, you eat a ton of food and then all you can accomplish is taking a nap and spending copious amounts of time on the porcelain throne.  While the latter is a good excuse to get away from people for a solitary 15 to 30 minute stretch you aren’t going to earn any brownie points (no pun intended) and your family isn’t going to appreciate the aftermath should someone need the bathroom within an hour of your departure.

If you eat better you won’t feel as bad and that will make the rest of the holiday stress easier to fight through.

2. I’m Kind of a Big Deal

funny-ron-burgundy-quotesThis is one of the best times of the year to spend a little time volunteering.  There is no shortage of the different organizations that are looking for a set of extra hands to help them.  I could spend a lot of time listing all the places you can volunteer but it all varies depending on where you live.  However, places like food shelves, soup kitchens, nursing homes, animal rescue shelters, homeless shelters, Salvation Army or Big Brothers/Big Sisters, would be a good starting place.

So why would you spend your holidays volunteering?  First, you will feel good about yourself.  It is impossible to be selfish when you volunteer to help other people.  It is the nature of volunteering.  Unless you are the worst douche bag to walk the Lpplanet you can’t help but feel good when you volunteer.  You will have accomplished something good for society and it will help your ego to not be focused on yourself for a few hours over the holiday.  Second, it is a good excuse to get out of family obligations (if you are into that sort of thing.)  How can someone get mad that you are leaving early to help out at a soup kitchen?  They can’t!  You just have to hope the family doesn’t want to go with you.  Third, and perhaps most importantly, hot women everywhere love a man who volunteers.  Heck you might even get lucky and find some smoking hot mama is also spending her holiday volunteering!  Better yet you have that experience of volunteering at the dog rescue shelter to use anytime you are out with your wingmen trying to score that pretty brunette at the end of the bar (rather than lying about your volunteering.)

3. Take the Opportunity to Cash In

If you work a job that pays you a salary, chances are you don’t have any opportunities to work overtime to earn extra cash.  If that is you than please disregard my suggestion to work more over the holidays.  If you read my blog you know I am not a supporter of working excessive hours and even more so during the holidays when there is no added benefit for your, your family or your wallet.

However, if you are in the group that gets paid hourly or receives a salary but can still earn additional overtime, now might be the best time to consider picking up some extra hours or shifts.  I think family should always be a priority and don’t recommend you pick up hours on days you should be with family.  However, the holidays normally provide an opportunity to fill in for other co-workers who are out-of-town visiting family etc.  Sometimes you can earn up to triple time when working around the year-end holidays.  It is a great way to help pay off those Christmas gifts or to stash away extra money to take a swanky vacation or impress your lady friends with a night out.

This may not be the most festive decision you could make, but down the road, in a month or two when you’ve got extra cash to burn, it might look like a really good use of your time.

4. I believe It’s Called “Yogging”

Can you say TV marathon?  Just one of the many reasons this is such a great time of year!anchorman-the-legend-of-ron-burgundy-the-rich-mahogany-edition-20100827043040331

I have a confession: I have never, ever seen “Miracle on 34th Street.” I also do not plan on ever seeing that movie.  The few times I have tried to watch it I get bored quickly.  I have given up on every understanding the romance behind that movie.

Christmas time is now filled with stations lining up the entire Die Hard franchise for an all-day, all-you-can-view Bruce Willis fest.  Or investing an entire day watching the Godfather trilogy.

My family loved watching “The Christmas Story” when it was released in 1983 and ever since TNT and TBS now run the “24-Hour Christmas Story Marathon” it has become a family tradition every year.  I tune in at least once to watch the whole thing start to finish but then often flip back to it during the rest of the holiday to see Scott Farkus or Ralphie in his pink bunny outfit and especially the “Fa-ra-ra-ra-ra” piece at the end.  It just makes me happy.

Then you add watching “Christmas Vacation” and some college football games and I am telling you there is virtually no reason to even have to talk to your screwy uncle Frank!  Why would you create small talk with your crazy cousin Cathy when Scarface is on television?  Turn on the TV and veg out man, it is your right as an American!  If you don’t like any of those movies I know that Office Space is showing and The Walking Dead is doing at least a partial marathon.  If AMC is doing any kind of Breaking Bad marathon I might not even eat while I am home in Minnesota!  It is just a beautiful thing. 

So when things get to be overwhelming for you, just reach for the remote and pretend you are listening to everything people are saying.  Take a cue from Phil Robertson and say “Yea I remember that” even if you aren’t listening.  It will fit into 80% of the conversations.

5. 60% of the Time it Works Every Time

I understand we all have different family dynamics, duties and responsibilities.  However, I really believe that people shouldn’t make it a point to run around to 3 – 4 (or more!) family events especially over the Christmas holiday.  I cannot even begin to imagine how difficult this is if you have a child, let alone two or more.  I understand that families can put a lot of pressure on people to show up at least for a brief appearance but at some point you have to balance your own sanity against their demands.


If you are married, you and your wife should agree that for Christmas you won’t have to attend more than two events during the three or four-day stretch around Christmas.  One of the things you are supposed to be doing during the holidays is relaxing.  No one is relaxed driving around in traffic trying to make it to 6 different parties in three days.  Will people be disappointed?  Yes, but such is life.  The earliest lesson in life is learning to deal with disappointment.  They are family and they will forgive you.

If people don’t understand your need to relax during the holidays, it doesn’t mean you have to compromise your own standards or holiday traditions.  They are probably just jealous they aren’t relaxing and will only feel better by sharing their own misery.  You work too damn hard not to get some time to yourself.  Time with family is great and you should enjoy it but not at the cost of your mental wellbeing.

Quick note: over the next week I am not sure how much I will be posting to the blog as I am trying to follow some of my own advice listed above.  This weekend I am hoping to write a view small pieces that I can post during Christmas week.  If not I will be back in full force during the week of December 30th.  In the meantime I wish you all peace, joy and love this holiday season and hope you have an insanely hot woman to keep you company this Christmas!  If not, be sure to add tell Santa!

Until then make it a better day!




New Adventures!


You know what day it is, so I am not even going to mention it!

I hope you are reading this from the comfort of your own home (i.e. you aren’t working today) or that things are slow enough in your office that you have the time to read while at work (although technically I shouldn’t support such an activity…or should I? Hmmm…)

So last week the wife and I started the T-25 program (hence the picture above) and yesterday we completed Day 5 and tonight we will complete Day 5 part two.  We just couldn’t do the recommended back-to-back 25 minute workout last night.  It was already late and our legs were so gone after the first workout we decided to pass on the two days rest and simply do the second work out tonight.img_08811

This is my first attempt at doing any of these types of workouts (i.e Insanity, P90X etc.).  To be honest I was very nervous going in and concerned about whether or not I could keep it up for the 10 – 12 weeks.  However, I have to be honest, it is easier than I thought.

Sorry let me back up.  The workouts will kick your ass (at least if you aren’t in prime operating condition, which I am not) but finding the time to do them is easy!  I mean after all it is only 25 minutes and you are already at home!  You might think that you have 25 minutes in your day but the truth is you probably do.  I had to cut down my GTA 5 playing time to fit it in but again it is only 25 minutes per workout.  I figure if I rob two or three less gas stations and try to keep my crime sprees to two or three stars there is no problem getting the workout in.

I was also fairly reluctant to work out with Sharlay for one simple reason: BEAST MODE

There are a few things that my wife doesn’t mess around with and the list is as follows (more or less in order): God, fashion/beauty, working out and shopping.  She is insane in her workouts!  She often gets stares from men in the gym, not only because she is hot but also because she does these crazy 45 minute ab workouts.  They guys at NYSC are in shock (and likely embarrassed) at how intense her ab workouts are.

keep-calm-and-commence-beast-modeI am fortunate that my wife has taken it easy on me but even more so that she is incredibly encouraging during and after the workouts.  This has been especially helpful during those times when I don’t feel like I was able to complete all the circuits due to fatigue, laziness or due to vomiting (just kidding on the last one.)

I think my point is that for any of you men who have wanted to get in better shape and have wives or women in your life who you can work out with, don’t dismiss the idea simply because they aren’t men.  You actually might find her to be more helpful than your jack ass friends.

I know it is an odd time to start a new exercise routine given the time of year we are in.  Most people prefer to wait until after Christmas so they can feel less guilty about what they eat.  However, I think the timing is perfect because how you end your year often times will determine how you enter the next one!  I would rather get a solid 2 1/2 week workout plan in between now and January 1 and head into 2014 with a full head of steam than to try to get motivated with the rest of the “New Year Resolution Folks.”

For those of you thinking about doing T-25 I would highly recommend it.  Total cost of the program is just a little more than a one month gym membership but it gives you a workout you can do every day for the entire year (if you want).  You can do the workout in a very small space.  Trust me if my wife and I can work out together in our 330 sq foot apartment you can find room wherever you live.  All you have to do is get up, pop it into your DVD player and boom 25 minutes later you are done and feel great (and maybe a little sore!)

You can even pay for the program over three months ($40 per month) if you want.  If you need to get in better shape and start a more healthy lifestyle I recommend this program.  T-25 also provides a meal plan and recipe book if you need something like that to help you get motivated!  Check it out!

Until tomorrow, make it a better day!