Fashion Friday – Let’s Roll…Or Maybe Not

One of the fashion trends I have always hated is the rolling of the pants.  The execution of such a move has always been a weakness for me and I also don’t always like the way it looks.  However, as we move into the summer months especially, knowing when to roll, how to roll and when not to roll are very important when putting together your looks.  So take the following tips from Trunk Club and use them to your advantage!

Before pre-shrunk denim was introduced in the ’60s, men would buy jeans a few sizes too large—and a bit too long—knowing they’d shrink. This meant rolling the bottom was necessary to eliminate too much bunching at the ankle (it also served as a nice place to keep a pack of cigarettes). The cuff resurfaced in the ’80s, this time a little higher and a little tighter. Like many questionable tends of the ’80s, Milli Vanilli and mullets to name a few, that look isn’t something we’d like to relive. Nevertheless, the roll lives on, so we’re here to shed some light on the topic and provide a few guidelines for rolling without going too far.

The Casual Roll:
Rolling is a relaxed move, so it works best with casual shoes like sneakers, boat shoes, and boots. Especially boots. How much to roll? We typically cap it at twice depending on the length of your pants.

The Semi-Casual Roll:
We don’t recommend rolling with streamlined dress shoes because the contrast doesn’t work. That said, loafers are hardly dress shoes, so a slight roll is appropriate— preferably sockless.

The Very-Casual Roll (otherwise known as the Vacation Roll):
All things are a little more relaxed when the temperature rises, and that goes for the rules of rolling as well. Go ahead and give your cotton or linen pants a slightly higher roll and let your ankles catch the breeze. This is the kind of look that says the only question on my mind is “salt or no salt?”

Salt. Always salt.

Well This Is A Surprise…

Hotel-Deals-MinneapolisSomething very strange happened over the Memorial Day weekend when Sharlay and I went back to see my family.

For those of you who don’t know, I am originally from Minnesota.  I grew up in a small town (although it isn’t so small any more) south of Minneapolis called Farmington. Before I moved to New York however, I had spent most of my time living in or around Minneapolis.  For the most part I didn’t (or don’t) have many complaints about Minneapolis or Minnesota.  The reason I left Minneapolis was because of how much I loved New York and how badly I wanted to live there.

Since leaving Minnesota I have never really thought about moving back, at least not seriously.  Again, this wasn’t because I think Minnesota is a bad place or because I hated it.  It was just never really on my radar.

Well that was until I lived in St. Louis apparently.

A weird thing happened when I came back home this time…I found myself missing Minneapolis.  Before, I would always find myself missing New York when I came home.  This time I felt myself not only missing Minneapolis, but a strong desire to move back there. Even my wife, who HATES the cold, would consider moving to Minneapolis, rather than staying in St. Louis.  You know she doesn’t like a place when she would give up an easy winter for a difficult one.

I guess St. Louis is good for something.

It really hit home when her and I were out on our date night, having a delicious meal at Butcher and The Boar.  The atmosphere was just so much better than any place we had been in St. Louis.  Afterwards we went to a movie at a relatively new development call West End. Again it was just a really cool vibe there with restaurants, shopping etc and no threat we might be shot (either by cops or by marauding gangs of young people or “protesters.”)

Add in our trip to River Valley Church on Sunday to see old friends and it made us feel like we were already home.  A similar feeling has been hard to come by in St. Louis.

Most of the day on Sunday I found myself dreading our trip back to St. Louis.  Not because it would be an 8 – 10 hour car ride but simply because I didn’t look forward to returning to the city I now called home.  That has never happened to me before.


Even when I lived in South Dakota (I was in college) I never dreaded going back to Brookings.  There were times when I lived in Minnesota and traveled to New York that I was sad to be going home but only because I loved New York City; not because I hated Minnesota (even if ANYONE can get elected as Senator or Representative there.)

Who knows, maybe we will end up back in Minnesota after all. There would certainly be a lot more opportunity for us there in just about ever facet of our life than there currently is in St. Louis.  It was so surprising to feel that way, especially given how strong the feelings were.  I guess we will see what happens.  Stay tuned!

Until tomorrow, make it a better day!



Response to “Letter From a Disrespected Father”

Happy Tuesday everyone!

I hope you all had an amazing holiday weekend and were able to recharge your batteries and get a little rest and relaxation.  Sharlay and I were in Minneapolis, visiting my parents.  We even managed to sneak in our first date night without our daughter which was WELL overdue!  It was only missing one thing (sex.) Sadly staying with the parents makes such an activity a risky proposition.  We did debate getting busy in the back seat of our Ford Escape but thought better of it.  Sorry, is that too much info?

Anyway…I am forgoing the daily devotional to update you on the blog I wrote about the Nutto Bottle Warmer.  Again, if you haven’t read it, you can read it here.  Over the weekend I finally received a response to my complaint:

Dear Andrew,
We want to thank you for taking the time to provide us with your feedback. And first things first, congratulations on becoming a new dad! It’s an amazing time!
The Nutto brand was developed to take a very tongue-and-cheek approach to viewing parenting. The brand, and its highly involved consumers, attempt to keep things light by poking fun at all of the little nuances of new parenting. Moms share funny stories of themselves, their husbands/significant others, their parents/the new grandparents, etc. The various different brand touch points (eg, packaging, blog, website, Facebook page, etc) simply serve as a place for the brand to share these light-hearted antidotes so that moms, dads, grandparents, friends, etc can all take part in the humorous side of this very important new job of parenting we have.
Thank you again for taking the time to write and share your thoughts. We hope all is wonderful in your exciting, wonderful new life of parenting!
All the best,
Nutto team
They claim to take a light-hearted look at parenting.  Yet there weren’t any disrespectful comments on the packaging about mothers.  No one took a “playful” shot at neurotic mothers who think that any time their child sneezes it is time to see the Doctor. In other words, their response was total bullshit.  A quick look at the blog (which is terribly outdated) shows only supporting comments and blogs about mothers and a few cheap shots at fathers.  Doesn’t sound like a well rounded and “light-hearted view of parenting.”  Still seems like an excuse to make Dad’s into morons and Mom’s into Wonder Woman.
Also, no apology?  I guess they aren’t interested in trying to earn our business back.  Oh well,, not that we were going to buy a second bottle warmer or anything.
Until tomorrow make it a better day!

Fashion Friday – Essentials for Every Man’s Closet Part 6 – Jeans

Mens Essential Clothing Denim

TGIF everyone!!

We wrap up our six part series on wardrobe essentials today and I hope you have found the six part series incredibly helpful!  If you missed any of the previous five here they are:  the navy blazer, brown shoes and brown belt, v-neck sweater and crisp white shirt.

If you have been keeping up then you are well aware that the theme for all five pieces so far has been versatility.  Thus it is only fitting that our final item is jeans, which may be the most versatile item you can possibly own.

Now when we are talking about jeans, we mean an investment in jeans.  Thus, this isn’t about buying cheap jeans from Wal-Mart, H & M or Target.  We are talking high end jeans that will last you several years.  Whether it is G-Star Jeans, A-X Jeans, Bonobos or the like, invest in several high-end denim brands.  You won’t regret it.

If you are looking to pair your jeans with blazers and dress shirts be sure you stick with cleaner washes and rinses.  Cleaner washes are jeans that are more or less a solid color with no distressing or similar markings.  Sweet Martha! Please don’t try wearing these kinds of jeans with a blazer and/or a dress shirt!  Let’s be honest, you should NEVER EVER wear those jeans.

Blazer With Denim Trunk Club

Not only do cleaner washes look better dressed up, but they also have strong staying power. Because they’re free from conspicuous washes and embellishments, all of the jeans in this post will still look relevant in five years, making them excellent investment pieces.

V Neck Sweater Jeans Trunk Club

Michael Barkin, Director of Sales for Trunk Club says, “Denim is typically blue,” he reminds us, “so it’s no coincidence that it pairs well with almost anything, because blue tends to be every guy’s best color.”

Button Up Shirt Jeans Trunk Club

One of the reasons I love denim so much is because it is so easy to care for and is known for its durability.  Jeans were after all, invented for use by miners during the California Gold Rush.  A quality pair of jeans will give you months of continuous wear before you have to wash them.

Henley Shirt Blue Jeans Trunk Club

More importantly denim has become much more acceptable in just about every setting.  Not that long ago it was totally unacceptable to wear jeans to dinner and yet today there are few restaurants that you can’t wear jeans.  Basically, they work for almost any occasion.

Able be to be worn nearly anywhere, and with anything, jeans are perhaps the most versatile of the six men’s essentials, and exemplify the idea of an investment piece.

Blazer Jeans Trunk Club

Well that is it for our 6 part series!  I hope you enjoyed it and have made some efforts to incorporate these essentials into your fashion game.  Best of luck out there!  Until next week, make it a better day!



Devotional Tuesday – A Fresh Look – Courtesy of An Uncommon Life by Tony Dungy


The Lord doesn’t see things the way you see them.  People judge by outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart. 1 Samuel 16:7

Seeing is believing right?  So often it seems that way.  We’ve become a society that jumps to conclusions – instantly – based on an endless stream of information.  Twenty-four-hour news coverage, blogs, tweets, e-mails, and texts seem to fly around nonstop, giving us immediate access to information that play into the decisions we make.

Football coaches make lots of decisions too, most often determined by watching lots of film.  Lots and lots of film.  During my career, the only difference over the years has been that I went from watching videotapes to watching DVDs.

It’s customary for coaches to watch every play in a game at leTrue-Grip-and-Lighting-Sideline-Camera-Cartast two times: once from the sideline camera’s angle and once from the end zone camera’s angle.  You may have seen the sideline camera on television, located up in the stands around the fifty-yard line.  The end zone camera shoots the action from between the goalposts at one end of the field.  For the coaches’ viewing purposes, the films are spliced together so that each play is seen back-to-back from both camera views, first sideline then end zone.

Why?  Added perspective.

IMG_81521-1024x682From the sideline camera shot, you can’t see the spacing of the offensive and defensive lineman, but it becomes very clear from the end zone camera.  On the other hand, actual yardage is lost on the end zone camera angle but is apparent on the sidelines.

Life is like that as well.  So often we’ll view someone through our single-lens life experiences.  But that’s a skewed view.  A person who may seem arrogant to us actually could be extremely shy, or a person who doesn’t speak openly about their faith or has concerns about faith may have past experiences that make that understandable…if we try to understand.

God wants us to avoid making snap decisions about people without getting to know them.  Initial perspectives may be inaccurate pictures of who they are.

Uncommon Key –> Be slow to form opinions about others without getting additional input – either from them or from someone who knows them well.  Always look at people with God’s eyes, because He can see straight to their hearts.