Devotional Tuesday (on a Wednesday) – Don’t Fight Alone!

Never got around to publishing this post yesterday, my apologies. Better late than never!


Sometimes as believers it is hard for us to completely relinquish control to God. We often think we can do things on our own and fix whatever is “wrong” in our lives. It all comes down to trusting God and trusting His nature. If God is going to battle for you, it is important that you understand and trust Him! When it comes to helping us God is a warrior!

“The Lord himself will fight for you. You won’t have to lift a finger in your defense!” Ex. 14:14

“Each one of you will put to flight a thousand of the enemy, for the Lord your God fights for you, just as he has promised.” Josh. 23:10

I know when things get difficult for me and enemies are all around, I often struggle with letting God do His thing. I get stuck thinking they are attacking me and me alone. However, if someone or something is picking a fight with you they have to come against you AND God! If you let God fight your battles for you, victory is always assured. Only God can cause confusion among your enemies and have them turn on one another.

Be encouraged today for no matter what fights you are facing you don’ have to face them alone!


“The Lord stands beside me like a great warrior. Before him they will stumble. They cannot defeat me. They will be shamed and thoroughly humiliated. Their dishonor will never be forgotten. Jer. 20:11

Until next week have an amazing weekend!

Get Some Good Reading In


Okay so I am taking the lazy way out today, especially given the fact it is almost the end of my day.  That doesn’t mean what follows isn’t worth your time.  If nothing else, bookmark these sites for another day when you have some down time at work.

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And on the lighter side…

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For all the Dad’s out there I hope you had a great Father’s Day!  My first official Dad’s Day was awesome!

Until tomorrow, make it a better day!


Fashion Friday – Business Travel with Jeans

It’s no secret that legroom on airplanes has decreased over the years. Whether or not jeans are appropriate for your industry, we have a tip for all business travelers: Be sure to toss a pair of denim into your duffel bag when packing for your next trip. On your return flight home—when your meetings are over and the deals are done—you’ll thank us.

 These days, many premium brands are weaving their denim with elastane, a material that adds a touch of stretch to an otherwise stiff fabric. Given the cramped quarters within most commercial airplanes, wearing pants that offer maximum range of motion can be the difference between an enjoyable flight or an excruciating one—especially if the guy in front of you decides to recline his seat.

If “jeans with stretch” sounds like something your wife or girlfriend might have in her closet, you’re right—women have been reaping the benefits of elastane for decades. That said, there’s nothing feminine about wearing comfortable pants. In fact, there are only two differences between elastane-equipped jeans and the 100-percent cotton variety you might be used to: (1) they feel better, and (2) since the fabric bounces back, you can wear them all day and they won’t sag, bag, or lose their shape.

You’re now free to move (and sit comfortably) about the cabin.

(Thanks to Trunk Club for the above fashion advice.  If you aren’t doing Trunk Club you are doing it wrong.)

She’s Not Worth Your Time

happy-woman-with-beautiful-smile-253486Quick show of hands: how many of you have ever wasted time dating a woman who turns out wasn’t worth your investment of time, money or sex (okay so maybe not the sex part)?  My guess is a lot of you.

I didn’t get married until I was almost 38 years old (I am coming up on 40 in six months.) This wasn’t only because I was super picky about the woman I wanted to marry (although that didn’t help!)  It was also because I dated A LOT of women and many times they were so attractive (or good at other things) that I stayed in a relationship with them even though they weren’t worth the time. Sometimes we get so worried that someone better won’t come along we compromise and are willing to be treated poorly just to stay in a relationship.  I know this isn’t a popular conversation piece among men, mostly because of our pride, but if we stopped to think about it, we all have wasted time on a woman who wasn’t worth a shit.

For those of you currently in a relationship the following is a guide to let you know if you need to dump your current girl and get with someone who will appreciate you and of course make an effort to make you a better man.  There are 10 tips so let’s go!

1.  Me, Me, Me, Me, Me

One of the biggest red flags is that everything is always about her. Her job, her family, her shopping needs and her problems.  Have you ever gotten a promotion at work and the only thing she wants to discuss upon the news is Bruce Jenner and whether he does or doesn’t have a penis (he does)?  When you struggle with things and try to talk about them with her does she listen or does she stare at her phone?

Anytime she switches the subject from you, to her (or anything else) this is a clear sign she doesn’t really care about you.  These kinds of women are selfish to their core and likely will never change so don’t get the idea you might be different.

Don’t waste another moment, dump her ass ASAP.

2. Different Values

This is the painting

Those of you paying attention to this site know that I am a Christian man.  More than that you likely know I take my faith seriously.  Thus, you will likely laugh at this story and might even question how serious I am about my faith.  That being  said it shouldn’t shock you to know that I have a painting of a laughing Jesus hanging in my home and have for quite some time.

This same painting was in my apartment when I was dating this really beautiful woman (which almost all of the woman I dated were) and we of course were making out on my couch one time, to the point we were getting close to doing something other than making out.  Suddenly she looked over and saw this painting and stopped what she was doing (not cool) and asked if I believed in Jesus etc etc. Long story short, she had NEVER, even once been in a church (no weddings, no funerals, no Easter and no Christmas) and pretty much expressed no interest in even going to church in the future.

Well of course we finished doing what we were doing but that was the last time she came over and I didn’t see her again.  Values are important and if you don’t share some of the most important values you are wasting your time.

3.  Too Busy

watchesEveryone can get busy at times, I understand that.  When she is too busy all the time, that should be a clear signal to you something is wrong.  The truth is, people make time for things they are interested in.  If she isn’t making time for you, there isn’t anything else you need to know.  I cannot tell you how much time I have wasted with women like this (Thanks Liv!)

4.  Her Ex Dominates The Conversation

If she is still talking about her ex-boyfriend every chance she gets then it means you are the rebound guy.  She is probably using you to deal with her heartbreak and not because she actually desires your company.  If you are interested in a stable relationship you should steer clear of these women.  Asking questions about her ex is okay as long as you are doing so to determine if enough time has passed and that she isn’t rushing into another relationship to ease the pain.

5.  One Sided Communication

Are you the one always calling or texting her?  Have you realized you only get together if you initiate?  While most women appreciate men who are willing to make the first move when it comes to dating, eventually the communication needs to even out.  A successful relationship will only happen when both people are communicating equally.  If she is attracted to you and enjoys being with you, her communication style will let you know it.


6.  She Plays Games

Limit game playing to your PS4.  You don’t need this kind of bullshit from the women you are dating.  Some women have been taught that tormenting a man is the only way to determine if he is the right one for them.  The thinking goes that if you are willing to put up with being treated well one day and being treated like shit the next, you must be “the one.”  Trust me bro, you are always going to lose this game so if you are caught in the middle tap out!

7.  She is a Different Person

I get it.  The idea on the first date (or first couple of dates) is to be on your best behavior.  However, if you just found out your baseball loving girlfriend doesn’t know what a double play is, you might have a problem.  You should want to be with a woman who is authentic and genuine, not fake.  Of course shame on you for not testing her baseball knowledge in the first place!

I use a sports example but the point is you don’t want to be with someone who is putting on an act just to be with you.  Eventually that mask is going to drop and the woman behind it might not be the kind of person you want to be with.  You sure don’t want that happening after you have married her!

8.  She Doesn’t Make You a Better Man

For most men this might be the most important one.  If she isn’t encouraging you, supporting you and helping you to improve yourself (and I don’t mean bitching about everything you do) than she is NOT a good woman and you should flee immediately!  If all she does is complain about you (or anything else) you should be reevaluating things.  The point is to be happy in a relationship and if how she acts and the things she says are bringing you down, it is time to cut bait and run.

9.  She is Overly Dependent

It can be rush to play the role of a superhero, but it can also be exhausting.  You should avoid dating any women who are needy, helpless, wounded or even mentally ill. The only superhero for these women goes by the name of therapy. Your relationship should be an equal partnership and being with a person like this will never be equal.

10. She is Unfaithful


This doesn’t even need an explanation.  If she can’t keep her hands out of another dudes pants why are you even still reading this? Sadly I have been the victim of this one too many times.  She isn’t worth it.

We want to hear from you!  What other warning signs should guys be on the look out for?  Put your thoughts, comments and complaints in the little box below!  Until tomorrow, make it a better day!

Tell us if you agree or not!


Fashion Friday – The Short Sleeved Button Down

If I could only pick one piece of men’s clothing to hate it would have to be the short sleeved button down.  I have such a hard time putting one of these on because I never think it looks good on me.  The moment it goes on all I can see are images from Office Space and no one wants to look like Michael Bolton.  Of course, who could forget this guy?

My wife thinks I am crazy (no news flash there) but I just hate these kinds of shirts.  However, with summer fast approaching these shirts are a requirement if you want to dress casual and still keep your cool during the dog days of summer.

These kinds of shirts are perfect when you are tired of wearing your polo shirt everywhere and are especially versatile for dressing casually.  Thus, despite my hatred for this kind of shirt it really is a staple of the summertime fashion game.

Here are three tips to pull it off correctly.

1.) Pay close attention to fit. Like any piece of clothing, short-sleeved button-downs need to fit well in order to look great—and that’s especially true when it comes to their sleeves.

2.) Keep it untucked. Most short-sleeved button-downs are cut shorter than your typical dress shirt, which makes it pretty difficult to tuck them in. That’s an intentional detail, and you can think of it as the designer’s way of saying, “Relax. This is a casual shirt, and it should be worn as such.”

3.) Leave your necktie (and blazer) at home. As a rule of thumb, if you’re wearing a necktie, blazer, or sport coat, your shirt should be tucked in. Since this shirt looks best untucked, you can leave the business attire behind. Just wear it like you would your favorite polo shirt.


That’s it!  Enjoy your weekend!  I am in Orlando next week for work and will be busy from sun up to sun set, thus the offerings may be slim again next week.

Until then, make it a better day!


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