Fashion Friday – Pick Your Poison


Hey Gents!


I am in Vegas and writing this to you from the time machine we found out in the desert.  Here are several links to some really great blogs or articles dealing with grooming and/or fashion check them out!

For any of you who still insist on using Axe Body Spray check out this link for a guide to cologne.

We have covered this in the past but here is another guide on how to wear a sport coat with jeans.

Speaking of jeans, our friends at the Trunk Club have some advice on how to find the perfect pair of jeans.  Get the info here.

For a video of how to master the art of the straight razor shave click here.  Personally I don’t trust myself and am afraid I would someone slit my own throat.

My former barber, John Rivera, shows you how to get the classic pencil mustache in this video.  Solid work John.  You can follow him on Instagram @TheNYBarber