Just Say “Merry Christmas” people


Well it is that time of year again when so many of us get so excited that we go around wishing everyone a “Happy Holiday” because we are so concerned about what people may think, how people may feel or lord forbid if someone might get offended.

I have really never understood this approach.  No one seems to have these feelings around Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day or Thanksgiving.  No one is up in arms when we say “Happy Fourth of July!”

Even if I weren’t a Christian I would still have a problem with people refusing to wish others a Merry Christmas.  It is a NATIONAL HOLIDAY and that holiday is called Christmas.  There is no doubt in my mind that the left will eventually get Christmas taken off the list of National Holidays.  First they will get Congress to call it “Winter Holiday” and then eventually they will remove it altogether.

Check out this video by Dennis Prager (who for the record is Jewish) for an explanation as to why you should still wish people a “Merry Christmas.”

Tell us if you agree or not!