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This blog is about the importance of being a guy.  Not just any guy though.  You pick up a magazine, newspaper or turn on the television and you would think every man out there is a cheating, lying, unfaithful, dishonest, good-for-nothing douche-bag.  I don’t believe the majority of men fall into those categories.  I believe deep down men desire to be loyal, hard working, honest, respectful and selfless.  I have seen more men (by far) who fall into the latter category than those who fit into the former.  The problem is perception.

Unfortunately, for a long time now our society has tried to convince us that being a man should resemble something like what you might see on Mad Men.  I am sickened by the thought that any man would think he should live his life like he is a character on the Jersey Shore.  I know women who are better men than the guys on that show.

The purpose of the blog is to inspire men to be better…better husbands, fathers, friends, co-workers and people.  We will tackle a variety of areas including sex, health, career, relationships, spirituality and any other area advice is needed.  While I will be doing most of the writing I hope to have several guest authors who will bring their own flavor to this blog, maybe even a few women if you are really lucky.

This blog is for you my readers so please share and comment and provide feedback so this blog can be the best it possibly can be!


Andrew C. Sloss

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Because we can always be better men