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Toughest Decision I Have Ever Made

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I have been kicking around this earth for 42 1/2 years and during that time I have made my fair share of difficult decisions.  I am sure you have as well.  Facing difficult choices and having to choose one path or the other is a constant in life, especially once you leave adolescence and venture into full blow adulthood.

Typically the older you get, the tougher the decisions.  This is true for one simple truth: there is more to lose as you get older.  If you are married you have to consider your spouse.  If you have kids you have to consider them as well.  Even if you aren’t married and don’t have kids, decisions still get more difficult because the margin of error is reduced as we get older.  If you don’t believe me, tell me how you feel after a night of drinking in your 30’s compared to your 20’s (Just wait until you are in your 40’s!)

For those of you reading this who don’t know, I was laid off from my job in April 2016 and as of today I am still unemployed.  Well, I have a job but it is a contract job.  It has been a long and difficult journey with some ups but a much larger population of downs.  It has been trying on my wife and I and of course on our marriage (as most situations like this tend to be.)

A few weeks ago I was presented with this opportunity to accept a long term contract position with a company in Minnesota (we live in Tennessee.)  Being completely unable to find a job in Tennessee and with our money running out the job is a total blessing from God.  It will make it possible to make our mortgage payments every month and help out a bit with other bills.  We are grateful to God for the opportunity, even while we struggle to not understand why I can’t find something permanent to support my family.

My wife and I made the extremely difficult decision to take the job.  However, it means that I get to see my family two days every two weeks.  If the contract goes the full six or seven months without me finding a permanent gig, it is likely I will see my wife and daughter less than 20 days between now and the end of the year. TWENTY DAYS!

Tomorrow I am so excited to be going home so I can squeeze my little girl and kiss my wife.  Yet I know how quickly these two days will go by followed by another two weeks before I get to see them again.  It is rough.  I don’t like it and I really struggle with being away.  I need to be earning money for my family but at the same time I feel like I am completely abandoning them.  It is a strange dynamic in my my head.

Anyway, that is where we are at here in Tennessee.  Believing that God has our blessing around the next corner and that the corner is coming up quickly.  Stay tuned and if you are of the mind to send up a prayer for us we appreciate it.

See you on the flippity flop!

Oh! The Humanity!


Happy Hump Day people!

Just getting back from a week of vacation in sunny California and what a pure joy it is to be back, grinding away.

Just a quick post on my first day back to share a video that I found quite moving.

Sometimes we get so flooded by negative news, stories and scandals that we forget, most of the time, we humans are good and look out for one another.

If this video doesn’t restore at least a little of your faith in humanity then you are too far gone sir!  Hope you enjoy!  Grab the tissues, no seriously, SHUT UP and grab the tissues.

Click here to get started.


 “Greater love has no one than this that he lay down his life for his friends” John 15:13 NIV

One of the keys to any successful relationship is sacrifice.  If you think sacrifice is too strong of a word than perhaps unselfishness is a better term for you.  Jesus Christ’s sacrifice for the sake of the world clearly stands as the ultimate sacrifical and unselfish moment in the history of humanity.

As an only child I can certainly testify to the difficulty of sacrificing for others and being unselfish. When I was growing up people routinely sacrificed for me, not the other way around. While I am sure there are plenty of only children who are not spoiled, this was not the case with me. The concept of sharing didn’t even register with me unless it involved you sharing something with me. 

While that attitude is more acceptable as a child (I Cor 13:11) it is not acceptable once you begin adolescence and stumble into adulthood. There was no shortage of tension put on all my relationships as I got older and yet I had no interest in sharing my things or sacrificing for the good of any relationship. Needless to say I had to learn the hard way and then only after several lost friendships. 

God has called all of us to a selfless, sacrificing kind of love for all of humanity. We are not supposed to take a “day off” when it comes to being selfless. In I Corinthians Paul writes “Love…is not self-seeking” notice it doesn’t say “Love is sometimes not self-seeking.” I would be the first person to tell you it isn’t easy but just because it isn’t easy doesn’t excuse me from doing my best to love others unselfishly. 

If you find that you are a selfish person I encourage you to take deliberate action and be selfless towards another person today. We all have to start somewhere! If you already are practicing the art of loving others unselfishly, then congratulations, now take it to a new level. Consider sacrificing something of yours for someone you don’t know. We can always go deeper with God. A great example of being called to this level can be found in Matthew 19:15-30. 

Please also take the time to pray and ask God to search out the selfishness in your own heart. If you have hurt others by your actions or inaction ask God for forgiveness if you haven’t already. Be encouraged my brothers, we are all works in progress! Continue to persevere and run your race for the glory of God! 

Here are some additional verses to guide you. Have an incredible day! 

Prov 18:1-3 
Phil 2:3 
James 3:13-17 
Psalm 119:35-37